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The Executive Committee (Exec) deals with the day-to-day running of the society. They be reached collectively at - this is where you should send general enquiries about the society.


Oversees the running of the society and chairs meetings.

The President for 2019-20 is Mark Cooper.


Responsible for communicating with the members of the society, booking rooms, and taking minutes at meetings.

The Secretary for 2019-20 is Ben Camp.

Junior Treasurer

Looks after the society's money day to day and keeps accounts.

The Junior Treasurer for 2019-20 is Rhei Ammaturo.

Social Secretary

Organises socials and weapons practices.

The Social Secretary for 2019-20 has not yet been elected.

Other Committee Members

Senior Treasurer

Oversees the Junior Treasurer and reports to the President / SU. The Senior Treasurer for 2019-20 is Michael Conterio.

Banquet Minions

Rosemary Warner and David Proctor are organising the 2018 banquet.

Website Minion

Tom Bytheway

Safety Officer

David Proctor. The Safety Officer may appoint deputies for when he is unable to attend events.