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This page lists detailled descriptions of how to get to some of our commonly used locations. If you need any more information, please email larp-exec@srcf.net or post on our Facebook page.


Unitarian Church Hall

The Unitarian Church Hall is located off Victoria Street, which is an offshoot of Emmanuel Road. Approaching from the Emmanuel Road end, walk a short distance down the street until you see a black iron gate on your right. Enter through here and the door to the hall is on your left, up a couple of steps.

Parking is available along Victoria Street, or on nearby streets.

Postcode: CB1 1JW

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/MclTo

Harvey Court JCR

Harvey Court is Gonville and Caius accommodation located on West Road, towards the east end. There are two entrances to the site from West Road; one next to the Porters Lodge, and one further east which is a pedestrian entrance next to a (generally closed) car-width gate. Waiting by the latter is advised until we can be let in. The JCR itself is straight on from aforementioned gate; turn right once you reach the end of the pillared wall (on your right), and it's through the glass doors down a small slope. Please wait until somebody inside notices you and can let you in as the doors only open for Caius members.

Parking is not available in Harvey Court, but is available along West Road.

Postcode: CB3 9DS

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5PTAw

Chadwick Room, Selwyn College

Selwyn College is located on Grange Road, between the intersections with Sidgwick Avenue and West Road. From the Porter's Lodge, head right towards the flight of stairs up to Hall. At the base of the stairs, turn right and head down the couple of steps there and through the door. The Chadwick Room is through the first door to the right.

Postcode: CB3 9DQ



Grantchester Meadows - North End

Grantchester Meadows refers to the stretch of fields running along the River Cam in the vicinity of Newnham Village. We meet at the car park at the north-east end. Getting there can be a little confusing; as a result, we often run walking parties meeting outside Queens College.

From Queens, head west along Silver St until you reach the crossroads with Sidgwick Ave and Queens Rd. Turn left along Queens Rd and follow the road round to the roundabout. Head straight over the roundabout and down Barton Rd. At the next set of lights, where Barton Rd heads off sharply right, continue straight on onto Grantchester St (past the Co-Op on your left; incidentally, a good place to pick up lunch.) Head down Grantchester St until you reach Eltisley Ave on your right (there should be some shops on the far corner of the turning). Head down Eltisley Ave (confusingly labelled on Google Maps; you want the residential street running diagonally south-west). Follow on, turning a gentle right to get onto Grantchester Meadows (the road). Continue along until you reach the car park, next to the beginnings of some open fields.

Parking available in the car park.

Postcode: CB3 9JQ (for Eltisley Ave; follow walking directions after this point, but this should get you in the right area)

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/BaVng (same caveat as above)

Grantchester Meadows - Tearoom End

Sometimes we run linears from the far end wrt Cambridge. These are conveniently located next to The Orchard tearooms. If we're running from this end, we will post more specific directions with general linear info. Postcode: CB3 9ND

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Nqt2t