AGM Minutes: 2016

From Cambridge Larp Society

11th March, 7pm- CLS 2016 OGM

System Vote

Began with a Q and A with system founders Nye, Megan, Lizzie, Joey represented their systems

By general agreement, Broken Worlds [sic] was elected as the next CLS system, with Rosemary Warner as Head Ref and AJ White as head writer and ref. Please contact the current President for a complete breakdown, if interested

During the Counting of votes, the following occurred:

The Treasurer’s Speech

The society is not bankrupt, increasing weekly costs has helped this. For a detailed breakdown, contact the current treasurer.

Motion One: Playtesting

The new CLS system should run a playtest over the Summer. Proposed by the Secretary, Numerous Seconders Passed by unanimous agreement

Motion Two: Merging of mailing lists

The larp-interested and larp-members mailing list should be combined, and should be emailed throughout the year. Proposed by the Secretary, Numerous Seconders There was some debate over the value of keeping them separate, and good points were made on both sides. One point was that larp-interested could be used as an irregular mailing list for those not in Cambridge, however it is not used like this at the moment- this may be a point for a future motion.

Passed by general agreement.

Appointment of Executive Committee

Mark Cooper was elected Secretary by unanimous agreement

Pia Salter was elected President by general agreement

Treasurer for the Society was not elected (as Joey is unable to fill the position next year), so there will be an EGM this term to decide.