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Photo by Tom Garnett
Photo by Tom Garnett

Welcome to the Cambridge Larp Society Website!

Cambridge Larp Society (CLS) organises regular Live Action Role-Playing (larp) events. Larp is a type of role-play where participants physically portray their characters. There are many different kinds of larp, taking place in wide variety of settings, ranging from fantasy and sci-fi to modern day. To find out more about larp, visit our FAQ. We're associated with the University of Cambridge, but happily accept non-university members.

CLS runs a continuing game over the course of the year, meeting once or twice a week for socialising and adventuring together in a world unlike our own. We also run a number of other events, including one-shot larps, discussion groups, costume-making sessions, and socials. Participation is open to everyone, not just members of the university, and we welcome new members at any point in the year.

More information about events we run can be found here, and you can contact us here. You can also find us on our facebook group.

Members of the University can sign up to the mailing list here; otherwise email the exec to be added.

Our Current Game

Our next game is Unusual Haunts, a fantasy game of survival, exploration and community in a dangerous world of mist and legend. You can read about it here or ask questions on the game's discord server.

Photo by Kay Chard
Photo by Kay Chard


The first interactive will be the next Friday on the 13th also at the Buckingroom room in Magdelene, followed by the first linear the next day on Saturday 14th on Midsummer Common.

The second interactive will be in the Castlereagh room in St Johns.

All of this term's events can be found here.