AGM Minutes: 2019

From Cambridge Larp Society

15th of March, 7pm

President and Treasurer's Speeches

The society is not bankrupt and those who have stored and transported the armoury were thanked

System vote

Lizzie, representing Armistice, Jon, representing Obscura, and Kim, representing Veritas, pitched their systems and their was a Q&A session before votes were cast.

RON received no first choice votes.

First round Veritas received 5 first choice votes, Armistice received 6 and Obscura received 8. Second round Armistice received 8 votes and Obscura received 10.

Obscura was elected as the next CLS system.

During the counting of votes, the following occurred:

Motion One: Accessibility Statement

That CLS should adopt the document here - - as an official accessibility statement.

Proposed by: Kim Ward Seconded by: Rosemary Warner

Passed by unanimous agreement.

Appointment of Executive Committee

Mark Cooper was elected President by general agreement

Ben Camp was elected Secretary by unanimous agreement

Rhei Ammaturo was elected as Treasurer by general agreement

Appointment of Social Secretary was held off until next term