AGM Minutes: 2021

From Cambridge Larp Society

1) Treasurer's Report

Society's current holdings are at:

Cash assets: £621 + change Bank balance: £696.47

A more complete report to be issued and circulated at an Emergency General Meeting in the future (see details later in minutes).

2) President's Report

Problem with student membership, and associated affiliation with the university. Affiliation's main benefit is Public Liability Insurance [details of which TBC]; non-student socs can still advertise at Fresher's Fair. De-affiliating with intention of reaffiliation later awkward, as re-affiliation requires half student membership of the society overall. As submissions to university not required until end of year, options are either to deaffiliate, or to wait until the new term and try to get new student members to be elected.

Arising motion

Should the Society attempt to remain affiliated with Cambridge University for the coming year, or de-affiliate?

This was voted on under the understanding that:

  • Due to a year without recruitment, there were not sufficient student members in the Society to meet the University-mandated number of students in Exec positions with existing members (with previous student members since having graduated, or about to). It was suggested that we could recruit students in the upcoming Michaelmas term who could then join the exec as a way around this problem.
  • Re-affiliation in future would require 50% of the Society to be students of the University.

Result: The society will de-affiliate from the University

4) Appointment of Committee

President - Raven Howard
Treasurer - Jon Cooper
Secretary - Chris Knowles

5) Discussion of Game Format for next year

While the Society had previously voted on a Game for the 20/21 academic year, and the lead ref from that team was happy to run for the 21/22 year, following discussion of the Society's finances, and the implications that those and the pandemic might have on our ability and desire to run games indoors, the exec requested that the vote for the Game Format for the next year include a pitch on how the game might be run, as well as the game to be run, eg to include a specification of the frequency of events and where they may be held. As the potential Referees for the 21/22 year had not built that in to their pitches at this time, it was requested that they do so for an Emergency General Meeting to be held later this year, where there would also be changes to the Society's Constitution presented that would allow for a change of format (eg rewording 'The Society will run regular adventure and interactive events within The Game.').

6) Appointment of next year's Referee Team

Deferred until Emergency General Meeting.

7) Emergency General Meeting plan

The following are proposed points for an Emergency General Meeting before the start of the next academic term. As usual, further motions can be raised in advance or at the meeting. As per the Constitution, there will be at least 2 weeks notice of this meeting.

  • Full 20/21 Treasurer's Report
  • System Pitch
    • To include how often the system would intend to run, and the general type of venue in each case. The Exec would then be responsible for choice of specific venue. We welcome the same underlying system being submitted multiple times with different event frequencies/locations so that they may be voted on separately.
  • Report on Public Liability Insurance, to determine whether the Society should seek to purchase some now that we are no longer affiliated with the University
  • Changes to the Society Constitution arising from deaffiliation