EGM Minutes: July 2020

From Cambridge Larp Society

7pm 10th July 2020 - CLS EGM

0) Procedures for Online Meeting

It was agreed that the voting function included in Timeout was acceptable for all votes taking place during this meeting

1) Appointment of Committee

Rae H stood for President, and was elected

At this point, there were 0 students on the exec, and 2 were required as per University requirements.

Katie MacL stood for Treasurer, to be assisted by Storm M, and was elected.

Mark C stood for Secretary, to be assisted by Chris K, and was elected.

2) Activities of the Society for the next Academic year

Due to the Covid-19 situation, it was generally agreed that it would be unlikely to be safe to run indoor events in the near future.

It was agreed that the Exec should consider the price of membership for the coming year, particularly looking at student vs non-student prices, considering the expected reduction in costs by not booking venues, at least for the first term.

The Exec will carry out appropriate risk assessments for any activities in the coming year, including consideration of shared equipment (eg the armoury)

John B (incoming Head Ref) suggested that Vanished Memoirs could not easily be converted to a linear only system. Jon C (outgoing Head Ref) suggested that a linear-only system, adapted from the previously proposed Adventurer's College system, could be run linears-only in the first term, and that he would seek to run some events to finish last year's Obscura story before the start of Vanished Memoirs. The incoming ref team will discuss how their plans need to change, liasing with the outgoing ref team where appropriate.

The statement of funds for the society will be circulated by email at a later date.

Motion: The Society will not seek to run indoor events during the Michaelmas term - PASSED Motion: The decision regarding running indoor events in Lent term onwards will be taken by General Meeting, rather than by the Exec - PASSED

3) Advertisment and recruitment

It was agreed that the Exec should seek to more widely advertise the society, to raise awareness for potential interested parties outside of the University. Suggested avenues for this were national larp message boards and physical advertisments in appropirate locations in Cambridge. Members with suggestions for places to advertise should submit these to the Exec, who will evaluate if they are appropriate, and proceed accordingly.

4) AOB

No other business was raised.