AGM Minutes: 2020

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1 Treasurer's Report

Item 4 brought forward to be included in discussion of this point.

Agreed to discuss the financial situation online. Treasurer to publish figures to inform discussion

2 New System Vote

Jim, representing Adventurer's College, and John, representing Venished Memoirs, made pitches.

Vanished Memoirs was voted to be the system for the coming year -

3 Appointment of next year's Referee Team

John Batty, Katie Macloed and Nathan McKeown-Luckly were elected

4 Discussion of how to improve the society's financial situation

Included in 1 above

Appointment of Committee

President - No nominations recieved; position unfilled. Treasurer - Storm Metcalfe and Raven Howard were nominated; Storm Metcalfe was elected. Secretary - Chris Knowles was nominated, and elected. Social Secretary - No nominations recieved; position unfilled.

As no President was appointed, and there are not two students on the Exec, an Extraordinary General Meeting will need to be held to rectify these problems. It was agreed that this would not necessarily need to take place in person, and could instead be virtual, as long as a satisfactory definition of 'present' could be reached. It was agreed that the Exec should seek to hold such a Meeting no later than the final scheduled event of Obscura.

Any Other Business

  • Question of how many present would be members next year
  • Question of holding small events over summer
  • Running one-shot events during the next academic year
    • Jim 'happy to wrangle' one-shot type things
    • Particularly useful in Term 1 for one-shot linear only games
  • Advertisment and recruitment

Agreed to discuss at the aforementioned Extraordinary General Meeting