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We run weekly interactives indoors in a well lit venue, most commonly in the Unitarian Church Hall, but sometimes use other rooms when necessary.

The Unitarian Church Hall is all on one level and fully wheelchair accessible save for two steps up to a small stage at one end of the room we use for the in-character area. Should a player attend who cannot access that stage, plot and set-piece encounters will never be run on it. There is a room at the UCH which is out-of-character at all times which players can take breaks in. Many chairs are present in both the in-character and out-of-character rooms. The lighting in the UCH is predominantly CFLs.

The toilets at the UCH are single cubicle and unisex, and one of them is wheelchair-accessible.

Sometimes we hire other rooms, and undertake to make the best possible effort for these to be physically accessible to our players.

Most interactives involve small amounts of combat but it is never a major focus, and some will contain occasional loud shouting. The in-character area can sometimes get quite loud but once the interactive starts, the out of character area will be quiet.


We run the vast majority of linears on Granchester Meadows, a series of fields to the south of Cambridge. The ground here is relatively flat, though often muddy in winter and sometimes overgrown in spring. Access to the fields is gained by passing through either a kissing gate or narrow cattle grid.

Most linears involve a fair amount of combat. We will signpost the amount of combat of each linear. It is possible to play NPCs ("monster") for the duration of the vast majority of linears without participating in combat, even if a linear is defined as medium or high combat.

Linears take around two to three hours, during which time you can expect to walk 1-3 miles as either a character or a monster, with bursts of heavy activity if participating in combat. Occasional linears will have the characters in one place while the monsters and NPCs come to them; these will be signposted in advance.

Most linears take place during full daylight, with occasional ones running over sunset or in the darkness.

One of the two areas of the meadows that we commonly use has toilets; the other does not, but does have some woodland with tree cover next to the car park.

It is entirely possible to take an full and active part in our games without ever attending a linear.


Combat in CLS takes place with foam-and-latex weapons, foam padded arrows, and damage calls spoken out loud. It is very easy to choose how much combat you wish to take part in at CLS from none at all to nearly every week. We will make our best effort to keep players who cannot safely be hit with LARP weapons away from combat and ask them to work with us to best ensure their safety. For example, we might warn them that a fight is about to burst in and ask them to step to the back of the room quietly.

It is entirely possible to take a full and active part in our games without ever participating in combat.


There are enough qualified first aiders in CLS that at least one is present at the vast majority of our events, but we do not guarantee this.

Most CLS games will contain in-character documents or cards containing out-of-character information such as a wound card. We will provide a copy of these in large print or with other adjustments made if requested.

It will never be necessary to wear masks, facepaint or prostheses to play a character at CLS. While some NPC roles will require them, we will never run an event where a player who cannot wear any of these will lack NPC roles to play.

If you have an access related adjustment you’d like us to make, please talk to us. We will do what we can within our means to meet your needs and will always treat your needs with respect.

The society's Equality and Diversity statement covers our policies to prevent discrimination and harassment.