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A linear is a type of adventure where the encounters are laid out along a set route which the characters follow. Encounters are variable in nature - some are intended to be fights, others will have some kind of puzzle for the Player Characters to solve, and some will involve diplomacy. The characters will usually have an end goal of some kind, ranging from taking down an evil cult to looting the tomb of a dead god. Usually an NPC "character ref" accompanies them as a member of the character party to ensure they don't stray off course by accident or design.

We run linears once per fortnight on Saturdays during term-time, most often on Grantchester Meadows, but sometimes in other locations. These usually start at 1pm and last 2-3 hours. Occasionally we run night bashes starting at a later time.


An interactive is a session of the game held in the halls of the Temple of the Fivefold Way. The hall is represented by whatever room the Society has booked that week. Interactives are held on Friday evenings, usually at 7.00pm. In interactives, your PCs stay in a building in the Temple and the events come to them. There will be various encounters throughout the evening and also plenty of opportunity for the PCs to interact and work together to solve problems.