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The Armoury contains a range of costume, props and weapons which are available for the use of members at Treasure Trap events.

This is useful both for initially equipping your TT character and for monster roles. The Armoury is taken care of by the Armoury Minion, who can be contacted via the Exec.

Some of the items stored in the Armoury belong to CUTT, other items are on long-term loan from individual players. However, by storing their equipment in the Armoury the owner has given permission for it to be used responsibly by any player during Treasure Trap events so do not worry about using anything in the Armoury for monster roles. If you wish to borrow kit for longer-term use for a starting character you should ask the Armoury Minion who it belongs to, to make sure that it is society owned or that the actual owner does not mind.

All items in the Armoury fall into one of three categories.

Group One: Stuff that belongs to the society

These items live in the armoury full time, are the responsibility of the armourer or their designated representative at any particular event, and are available for the use of any member at any society event (usually first come first served, though refs may occasionally bagsy specific props for specific roles etc etc, as at present). These items will either have been bought by the society outright or donated by individuals with all future personal ownership rights waived. With appropriate consultation with the exec, the armourer may dispose of or arrange the repair or replacement of any of these individual items as seen fit (eg: if something becomes damaged beyond repair, or becomes widely deemed unsuitable to stay in the armoury for another reason).

The armoury will be stored in the armoury boxes, bags, or shelves provided by the society for this purpose, in a secure indoor location, and with reasonable care taken to ensure the protection of all items within it during storage and transport. All reasonable efforts will be made to bring all of the core armoury to every event (see wiki for a list of the boxes and bags that were in the armoury at the start of this year) and to ensure that all props required by refs for particular plot are present if informed of requests in advance, however the armourer also reserves the right to not bring any specific part of the armoury to any specific event without prior warning, should unusual circumstances arise. At any time, particular items may become designated 'not core armoury' and brought less often, but this should be rare, transparent, and only ever relate to specific items for reasons of spaaaaaace, transport issues or quality control.

Parts of the armoury may become available for loan to individuals during non-TT periods under specific circumstances, but this should not be considered a right and it is the responsibility of the indivdual borrower to arrange collection, transport and safe return of any items borrowed in this manner, and to ensure that it does not have any negative impact on use of the items for TT.

Group Two: Personal Loans to the Armoury

These items belong to individual members of the society, but are generously on loan to the armoury so that they are at the disposal of more players during events, thus improving the game. During the loan, the society undertakes to store and protect the items in a reasonable manner as detailed above, and transport them to events in as detailed above (including the reserved right to not bring any specific item to any specific event as detailed above), on the understanding that the loaned items are therefore available for use by any member during events on a first come first served basis as detailed above, with no extra restrictions placed upon their use.

The society may not dispose of or alter loaned items without permission from the owner (although they may be washed between events if this becomes necessary). The society may not lend out loaned items for non-TT use without permission from the owner (obviously the owner may remove their own items for personal use if they wish, although it remains their own responsibility to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to extract the items from the armoury in good time).

The owner may at any time and without prior notice, remove their own possessions from the armoury - in which case they will no longer be transported and stored etc but will also no longer be in general use (it would help if you tell the armourer if you remove your items though, to prevent them still getting gathered up and used, obviously).

Group Three: Things that are not in the armoury

All other items. The Armoury Minion will continue to maintain a Bag of Fail with the armoury for lost property left after events, including OOC items, but these items are not a part of the armoury and should be removed by their owners as soon as possible. Personal kit that is not available for general use as detailed above should be removed from the armoury (people may still wish to make private arrangements to loan and transport it but these are not armoury business).

The society reserves the right to not accept personal loans which are very bulky, breakable, or specific into the armoury if it would be unreasonable to store or transport them regularly, or to accept them on the understanding that they do not form part of the core armoury but can be requested (with reasonable notice and unless specific unusual circumstances occur) if required. This last is entirely at the discretion of the current armourer, and is dependant on storage spaaaaaace etc etc, and should not be considered a right (but would only occur after discussion with the owner).