From Cambridge Larp Society


The Executive Committee (Exec) deals with the day-to-day running of the society. They be reached collectively at - this is where you should send general enquiries about the society.


Oversees the running of the society and chairs meetings.

The President for 2019-20 is Mark Cooper.


Responsible for communicating with the members of the society, booking rooms, and taking minutes at meetings.

The Secretary for 2019-20 is Chris Knowles.

Junior Treasurer

Looks after the society's money day to day and keeps accounts.

The Junior Treasurer for 2019-20 is Rhei Ammaturo.

Social Secretary

Organises socials and weapons practices.

The Social Secretary for 2019-20 has not yet been elected.

Other Committee Members

Senior Treasurer

Michael Conterio oversees the Junior Treasurer and reports to the President / SU.

Website Minion

Tom Bytheway

Safety Officer

David Proctor. The Safety Officer may appoint deputies for when he is unable to attend events.